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3 Unique Ways to Recruit Truck Drivers

Recruiting qualified truck drivers is a zero-sum game. There is a limited pool of good candidates for the driving positions your fleet needs to fill. Every time one of your competitors hires one of those drivers, the pool gets smaller, and it gets that much more difficult for your fleet to hire the drivers it needs.

If your fleet isn’t trying to find new and creative ways to recruit drivers, you are in danger of falling behind.

Of course “unique” is relative. To some using banners to recruit truck drivers is new and cutting edge. For others, using custom content and building a community of qualified truck drivers around their brand is an unproven way to fill open positions.
For the purposes of this discussion, “unique” will refer to methods of recruiting truck drivers that most of our clients here at Randall-Reilly’s Recruiting Media aren’t generally thinking of when they consider ways to find the qualified truck drivers they need.
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1. Use a White Paper to Attract Drivers to Your Fleet

When most of us think of white papers we think about B2B marketing or maybe boring college professors sharing their opinions. But in reality white paper downloads are an amazing way to target a very specific audience. If  someone downloads a white paper with the title “5 Ways to Be a More Safe Team Driver, ” what do you know about them? First, you know there is a good chance that they are a team driver. Second, you know that they are interested in being as safe as possible on the road. If you could generate 1000 downloads of that white paper, don’t you think that you could follow that up with a great pitch for driving for your fleet?

More specific content means more targeted, quality leads.

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2. Use Social Media


One buzz word to rule them all.

You know social media usage is still growing. We all know that truck drivers are not necessarily early-adopters  but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a massive audience of drivers on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Drivers discuss issues that are relevant to them on social media, just like the rest of us do.

Social Media Platforms

If you ignore building a targeted audience on at least a couple social media channels, you are risking falling behind your competition.

If you have a social media presence but you aren’t generating applications from quality drivers, that just means your audience isn’t targeted enough. Consider growing your audience by generating very specific pieces of content.
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3. Find What Makes Your Fleet Amazing

Just telling a targeted audience of drivers that you have an open position isn’t enough. If you want to grab someone’s attention, find your fleet’s “hook.” You probably include things like signing bonuses or pay-per-mile in your advertisements. But have you considered talking about what makes driving for your fleet special? Of course the pay and signing bonuses are really important, but don’t forget to emphasize things that make driving for your fleet different. What might those benefits be? Those are for you to figure out.

If you can’t figure out what makes your fleet special, maybe you should consider some new benefits or program to set yourselves apart.