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3 Best Practices for Using Video to Recruit Drivers

Content is an important part of driver recruiting because it is the best way for drivers to engage with you. YouTube is a great vehicle for delivering your content to drivers. It provides a highly visible place to host your videos that will work across almost any type of device.

However, you have to be sure that you are developing the right content to boost driver engagement and achieve success on YouTube.

Below are 3 best practices for developing great video content to recruit drivers.
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1. Post Regularly

You need to post videos regularly on a YouTube channel dedicated to your fleet. One video can only serve as a commercial and it may or may not generate some interest among drivers. Posting videos regularly will help you get subscribers and will make sure that your fleet is in the front of a driver’s mind when they start looking for a new job. Drivers want relevant, entertaining videos, and if you publish on a set schedule, they will begin to look forward to your published content.
Your YouTube videos should highlight your corporate culture, benefits, programs, and the types of jobs available to drivers. This kind of information gives drivers a deeper look into your fleet. You need drivers more than they need you, and they need to know what makes your fleet the best option for them.

If you post regularly prospective drivers will look forward to your videos and will eventually understand why your fleet is such a great place to work.

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2. Relatable Videos

It’s important for your YouTube videos to be relatable to drivers. Your drivers don’t care about your fleet’s accounting process, but they are interested in your fleet’s pay, hometime, and equipment. You have to create videos that are related to a driver’s interests.
Here are a few ideas for creating relatable video for your fleet:

  • Post a series of interviews with your employees. Have them highlight their job duties, or explain why they like working for your fleet. This puts a human face on your fleet and gives drivers a positive view of your company.
  • Have a member of your executive leadership team highlight the benefits and wellness programs at your fleet. Drivers are looking for fleets who can offer them better benefits. They are also becoming more health conscious.
  • Post a series of videos highlighting your open positions and equipment. This gives prospective drivers a look at what they will be doing and the equipment (and cab amenities) that they will be working with.

Your video productions don’t have to break the bank because good content doesn’t have to be expensive. Creating content that is relatable and informative will have a much greater impact than an uninformative and expensive video.
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3. Repurpose Your Video

Thanks to YouTube InStream, you can develop highly targeted video advertising. There are a number of different targeting options that you can utilize.

  • Remarketing – when a driver visits your sites you can tag the browser with a cookie. This cookie allows you to show your InStream videos to those “cookied” audiences.
  • Geo-targeting – you can target drivers based on geographic location. You can target your InStream videos to play to drivers who live in certain areas, drive certain routes, or even by state.
  • Placement Targeting – you can target drivers around the YouTube channels you think they frequent. You can show your ad on these certain channels.

You can also use YouTube videos to recruit drivers in other ways. If you have a blog you can easily build blog posts around your videos. This gives you extra content to write about and enhances the experience for your readership. Also, by playing videos at events and tradeshows, like GATS, you can enhance the attendee experience.
No matter how you use your videos, always remember to add calls-to-action to the end of the video. Your videos should be designed to funnel as many drivers as possible into your recruiting lifecycle. Adding in a call-to-action instructing drivers to “apply now” or “subscribe to our YouTube channel” makes sure that you are getting the final result you want to see.

Your YouTube videos provide you with a perfect vehicle to highlight opportunities for drivers, and then give them a reason to engage with you.

Finding the ideal driver isn’t as easy as it used to be, it’s a zero-sum game. But good content can help. By producing relatable, informative content you can attract the right drivers and get your trucks back on the road.