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Coming Together in the Fight Against Coronavirus

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired of bad news. Our truck drivers are out there on the front lines keeping supply lines open and the country afloat. That in and of itself is pretty great news. No matter what pops up our men and women are out there delivering the supplies needed to keep us all going.
And despite social distancing and the somber mood, there are some great examples of those choosing to show their appreciation for our drivers and all that they do. So today we’ll take a look at a few positive stories about how some are trying to give back to some of our most vital workers, truck drivers.
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J.B. Hunt Cuts Coronavirus Bonus Checks

I recently wrote about how truck drivers will be a key factor in winning this war against the coronavirus, and as the days go by, my belief is only strengthened. On a normal day, our drivers are the unsung heroes that keep our country and economy moving; but as we know these are not normal days.
Let’s start things off with J.B. Hunt. Over the years we’ve done an awful lot of talking to drivers. One thing that pretty much every driver seems to have in common is that they don’t think they are treated with respect or compensated fairly.
Times like these only seem to magnify those feelings. And to be quite honest, from the outside looking in, I’d say we all need to listen up. As social distancing becomes the new norm and companies across the U.S. encourage employees to work remotely, drivers find themselves not only asked to do more but to do more with less as rest stops and businesses around the country begin limiting access to services in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus.
One of the country’s largest and most well-known fleets, J.B. Hunt, is trying to show their appreciation by instituting bonuses to eligible drivers, managers, and other employees that have stepped up in our time of need.
Here’s what John Robers, President and CEO of J.B. Hunt had to say.
[one_third]J.B. Hunt President and CEO, John Roberts[/one_third][two_third_last][testimonial author=”J.B. Hunt President and CEO, John Roberts”]All of our employees have gone above and beyond the call to action during this crisis. And nearly all of our field-level, front-line employees and certainly all of our drivers are required in person and have upheld the high standards of our company. They have kept pace with the evolving supply chain needs of our customers in the face of great uncertainty. These bonuses serve as a token of our appreciation for their service and hard work during these unprecedented times.”[/testimonial][/two_third_last]
These one-time bonuses will be paid Friday, March 27, to all eligible drivers and support staff.
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Local Police Look to Serve Truckers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

J.B. Hunt isn’t the only one looking to find ways to show their appreciation. The Eufala, Alabama police department is doing its part to try and make sure drivers can find a place to stop and eat. As more and more eateries switch to carry-out only or drive-thru options, many drivers are finding themselves hungry as they can’t find a place to eat.
In order to make deliveries as quickly as possible many drivers don’t find themselves with down-time until after many non-fast food eateries have closed up shop for the day. With even fast food establishments closing down dining rooms in an attempt to limit the spread of the infectious virus, drivers are left wondering how to get the food they need.
Well, the Eufala Police Department has come up with a solution. Just let them know!
[testimonial author=”Eufala Police Department”]“We will either go get something for you or give you a ride to the nearest drive-thru (if you don’t mind riding in the back seat). If manpower is such that we cannot assist, we will secure someone that can.”[/testimonial]
This simple kind gesture from the Eufala PD (and others like it popping up around the country) helps show drivers how appreciative we are and make sure truckers get the hot meals they need.
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Do What You Can to Show the Drivers You Care

Many of you reading this aren’t able to offer bonuses or in a position to help by chauffeuring a driver to an eatery. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. As I pointed out at the open, no matter how many drivers we talk to, or what is going on in the world when we talk to them, drivers always seem to have two sticking points.
Respect and pay. Even if the pay is out of your control, respect and appreciation certainly aren’t. Driving can be monotonous, lonely, and as it turns out a thankless job. Do whatever you can to let your drivers know you appreciate them and realize what they’re going through.
Remember, while everyone else is maintaining their distance, truckers are out there delivering the goods that we need to keep this whole country running. So, let them know you care. Do what you can to go above and beyond to support them in this crazy time.
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Thank You for All You Do Too!

As much focus as I put on drivers, I know they aren’t the only ones involved in the day to day grind of the trucking industry. Though they may not be out on the road like the drivers, many readers and viewers of our content’s services are invaluable as well. So, thank you too! Without readers like you helping to keep drivers moving this whole thing falls apart.
Thank you
Driver recruiting and the trucking industry, in general, is difficult even on the easiest of days. And well now … as Spinal Tap would say we’ve turned it up to 11.
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Beating Coronavirus Together

In order to meet demands and deal with these challenging times, many fleets have found themselves making adjustments to their normal approach. If you or your fleet has done so let us know.

We Need Your Help

We want to get the word out about all that you do to help keep this whole thing turning.

Share a video or comment on social media with the #TogetherWeTruck and tag Randall-Reilly, or upload your videos here.

As we continue on in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus it will take all of us doing our part to help stop the spread, find a cure, and hopefully, one day eradicate this killer. Until that day comes we need our truck drivers … and you more than ever. So, don’t forget to thank your drivers and do all you can to support them. And don’t forget that you serve a vital role in this too. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!