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Company Driver Recruiting Statistics: Focus on Search

Company drivers are important to fleets. They’re the bulk of drivers on the road, and fleets have to have them. For recruiters, this means you need to know as much as possible about how to get in front of these drivers.
You need to know their habits and actions both online and offline. And the best way to get that is research. But instead of making you read through the 2014 Company Driver Connectivity Report, we’ve pulled another statistic you need to know.
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Fact: 67.5% of drivers use an internet search to find driving jobs.

That’s pretty significant. In Congress, that would actually be a supermajority. Ok, so what do you do now?

What does that mean for your recruiting?

It means that this is the most important place you can go to get in front of drivers where they are looking for jobs. Remember, you have to get in front of the right drivers at the right time.
Obviously, you had better be investing heavily in search engine marketing. Yes, this can be competitive and expensive. But if you want to reach drivers you have to get in front of them where you are.
This also means that a comprehensive content marketing plan is vital for EVERY fleet that needs to recruit drivers. Are you sick of spending thousands every month to get highly visible ad spots on Google? Try spending some of that money in generating engaging, interesting content that drivers want to consume. Your organic traffic will soar, and pretty soon you will be getting more and more applications without paying for each click.