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April 2024 Recruiting Roundup | Time-to-Hire

Tips to Reduce Your Time-to-Hire | Recruiting Roundup

Your time-to-hire (how long it takes to actually hire someone after they’ve applied) can have a huge impact on your talent acquisition success. Today on the Recruiting Roundup, we’ll talk about some ways you can reduce your time-to-hire and get the top tier talent you’re after.

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April 2024 30 Day Reset

Bright Spot in Freight Recession?!

On the April 2024 edition of the 30 Day Reset we’ll cover all the latest driver recruiting and freight data, check in with Jason Miller for his economic update, and discuss a few of the latest industry news stories.

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Dave and his guests talk principles of talent acquisition

The 4 Principles of Talent Acquisition | Digging Deeper

On today’s Digging Deeper we discuss our four principles and how you can apply them to your team’s talent acquisition process. In addition to learning about the four principles, you can put your approach to the test with our Talent Acquisition Systems Analysis Tool (TASAT).

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Seth discusses how to address hard-to-fill job objections

How to Overcome Objections for Hard-to-Fill Jobs | Listening In

On this episode of Listening In, Seth reviews a call for one of those hard-to-fill jobs. He covers what he thinks went well and what didn’t, and most importantly – tells you exactly how you and your talent acquisition team can approach recruiting interactions about difficult jobs to achieve the most success.

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Discussing Recruiting and Freight Data

Excess Capacity Due to Record Profits | 30 Day Reset

It appears as though truck drivers were waiting until the start of the new year to begin looking for new jobs in earnest. There was a major spike in search activity through the first half of January. The increase in search activity is more than a 30% MoM increase, and is on pace to reach the fourth highest level on record!

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Recruiting Roundup - February 2024

Supercharge Your Talent Acquisition by Becoming Candidate-Centric | Recruiting Roundup

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a lot of competition to land the best quality hires. To keep from falling behind you need to do whatever you can to stand out and set yourself apart. What better way is there to entice potential hires to choose you than to build your entire hiring process around them? It’s time to get the results you’re after and supercharge your talent acquisition by becoming candidate-centric.

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The World's Rudest Recruiter

The World’s Rudest Recruiter? | Listening In

Seth digs into the importance of summarization for today’s call. What do I mean by that? He’ll explain … but along the way we’ll also be listening to one of the rudest recruiters we’ve ever featured on our show. Curious to see how the call unfolds? Watch the full episode now!

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