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Warehouse Worker Calling

Warehouse Worker Calling: Top 3 Takeaways | Listening In with Seth

On this episode of Listening In, Seth is joined by Zack Flippo. Together, they listen to a call between a recruiter and a warehouse worker (a Listening In first). They’ll stop along the way to give their thoughts on what works and what doesn’t on the call, and then as an added bonus they’ll reveal their top three takeaways from the call. Enjoy!

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RPO 2.0

Randall Reilly Partners: RP0 2.0

Randall Reilly Partners™ increases operational efficiency through a combination of proprietary data and custom technology. We believe our deep integration in our industries, technological development, and world-class personnel uniquely position us to create holistic talent acquisition strategies.

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The Competition for Diesel techs

Get a Leg Up on the Diesel Mechanic Competition | Digging Deeper

With well over a quarter million job posts and tens of thousands of positions to be filled, there is no shortage of competition for competent and qualified diesel mechanics. What should be listed on your ads? Should you gear your messaging around technicians or mechanics? What about sign-on bonuses or relocation pay?

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October 2023

Don’t Get SPOOKED by Higher Recruiting Costs | The Recruiting Roundup

Halloween isn’t the only thing that comes around every year. As we move through Fall and get closer to the Christmas holiday season we also tend to see recruiting lead and hire costs go up as competition increases. But don’t let higher prices scare you. Check out the latest Recruiting Roundup to find out some valuable driver insights that could help you overcome the competition.

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