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Digging Deeper into Driver Recruiting with Dave | “Ad Creative: What Really Works?”

Ad creative is a vital part to the success of your driver recruiting campaigns. With so many options out there it can become confusing to know just what to do. Today Dave welcomes, Kim Walker, Randall-Reilly’s Director of Digital Marketing. She shares her vast knowledge and goes over some of the biggest mistakes she sees, and reveals the 2.5 “v’s” of digital marketing. What exactly does that mean? Watch to find out!

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Sign up now to be notified when registration opens for next month’s live viewing. In episode 6, Dave welcomes Randall-Reilly’s Digital Marketing Analyst, Kyle Jernigan. Together they talk about why it’s more important than ever to get to drivers quickly, and why cost-per-lead shouldn’t be the only metric you use when analyzing your recruiting strategy. Sign up today and join us Thursday, April 8th – 2pm CST for our latest episode – Speed > Cost-per-Lead: The Race to Fill Trucks.

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