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How Do You Think About Your Leads? | Digging Deeper

In the premiere episode of Digging Deeper with Dave, David sits down to have an in-depth conversation with one of Randall-Reilly’s resident data gurus, Data Analytics Manager, McKensie Worley. McKensie and Dave will discuss what valuable information can be found by really…diving deep into the recruiting data (see what I did there?). So, how do you think about your leads? Are you getting all that can out of them? Check out the conversation and learn more now!

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Register now to get early access to the next episode. In episode 2, David sits down with Randall-Reilly’s Vice President of Sales, Recruiting, Seth Becker to discuss just how much your fleet reputation matters and how it can impact the success or failure of your overall truck driver recruiting goals.
In addition to getting a sneak peek before the episode becomes available on the Randall-Reilly or YouTube websites, registering now also means you will get a handy worksheet to go along with the content to help you put what you learn into action!

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