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Driver Recruiting for the Win: Generating Phone Calls

Each driver recruiting campaign is like a puzzle. For your recruiting campaigns, you have to utilize all the pieces (and put them in the correct spot) so everything you do can generate the right amount of hires.
Every driver recruiting campaign is designed to get the almighty application, but the methods of generating leads differ.

Let’s take a look at a sample recruiting campaign generating phone calls.

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Driver Details

First, you need to know exactly what kind of driver you need to hire. Instead, you should nail down exactly who your target drivers are. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do we need company drivers or owner-operators?
  • What kind of load do we need to hire for?
  • What region do they drive in?
  • What route do they frequently drive?

For the purpose of this exercise, let’s say that you are looking for a company driver who operates out of the southeast. You might even go so far as to define the I-20 corridor from Birmingham to Atlanta as the interstate route they usually drive. Now, you have a basic profile that you can use to develop your campaign around.

Understanding the basic details about the audience you need to connect with provides you with the targeting options you need moving forward.

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The Campaign


For the sake of the article, let’s assume that the most valuable lead for you is a phone call, and you have the means available to appropriately respond to these leads.

Job Listings

Because you now know who your ideal driver for this campaign is, you place your job postings in Drive Regional (both online and print) and online at These online job sites and print magazine provide you with targeted job postings separated by area. Now you are creating targeted impressions in the region you need to recruit from.

Paid Search

Through performance based digital marketing you can create highly targeted advertising to generate phone calls. For this campaign you bid on the keywords “OTR Company Driver Jobs” (bidding higher on mobile searches) and add in click-to-call functionality. This paid search ad will show above and to the right of search results based on your keyword.
[box][mini-icon icon=”star”] Pro Tip
The keyword targeting utilized by these ads can be further enhanced with other targeting options, such as geotargeting or with tagged audiences.[/box]

Google Display Network

[one_half]The display network offers another digital marketing avenue that you can use for your campaign. While you can’t create only mobile targeted click-to-call ads on the display network, banner ads should still be an important part of your campaign. You need to create two different types of ads:

First, you need to create a text ad.

A text ad will show up in a banner space, but will also provide you with click-to-call functionality so drivers can immediately call you from their phone. They can also be directed to a responsive landing page by clicking the text.

Next, you need to create your banner ads.

[one_half_last]Banner Ad
Multiple banner ads need to be made. You need to create mobile banners and different sized banner ads for each of the sizes utilized on the display network.Unlike a text ad, a banner ad does not have click to call functionality. Therefore, you also need to have a mobile responsive landing page.

Landing Page

[one_half]You also need to utilize a mobile responsive landing page, the final piece of the puzzle. Because of the different ads, functionality, and devices, a responsive landing page will allow you to continue to funnel your prospects deeper into your recruiting lifecycle.
If a driver sees your landing page with a mobile device they can utilize click-to-call features. Otherwise drivers will still see your ad, but have to manually dial.
[one_half_last]Mobile Responsive Landing Page[/one_half_last]

Every recruiting campaign you build should be working to funnel drivers deeper into you recruiting lifecycle. A campaign designed to gather phone calls is no different than any other. You have to be sure that you are using all the tools available to get targeted, prospective hires to pick up the phone and call your recruiters.
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