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Driver Recruiting Weekly Report – February 10, 2021

The February 10th edition of Randall-Reilly’s Weekly Report is here! What changes happened in trucking since last week? Watch the video to find out. A full audio version and transcript of the report are also available below.

We provide the Weekly Report in numerous formats every week. Which one is right for you? Watch the latest reports on our Recruiting Resources or YouTube pages, use our Numbers at a Glance section for quick visual references, download the Weekly Report PDF (available below), read the transcript, or listen to the audio version of the February 10, 2021, Weekly Report below.

Click here for the full audio version.

Numbers At A Glance – February 10, 2021


Truck Driver Searches

WoW: Δ Up 1%
MoM: ∇ Down 7%
YoY: Δ Up 45%

Lead Volume

WoW: Δ Up 2%
This sets another weekly record

Truck Postings

WoW: ∇ Down 3%



Clicks on Truck Driver Postings

WoW: Δ Up 2%
MoM: ∇ Down 11%
YoY: ∇ Down 50%

Load Posting by Segment

WoW Dry Van: Δ Up 1%
WoW Refrigerated: Δ Up 13%
Wow Flatbed: ∇ Down .3%

Spot Rates

WoW: Δ Up 2¢ per mile
Overall rates are up 34% compared to the same week in 2020.
Largest WoW Change – Dry Van:
Δ Up 6¢



Check out the Data for Yourself

Want to go over all of the trucking industry data yourself? No problem! All of the information covered in this week’s report is available for your convenience in PDF form below.

Weekly Trucking Insights - February 10, 2021

Weekly Report – February 10, 2021 Full Transcript

Welcome to the show that takes a look back to help you move forward. For Randall-Reilly and the Weekly Report, I’m Joshua Miller. Let’s get right into it shall we?
This Week in Job Board Searches and Clicks
There was little change in job board activity week to week, which for the most part has been the case in 2021. Click volumes for the year are much more consistent when compared to the first part of 2020, which seems to suggest there is a smaller and more consistent group of drivers searching for jobs this year.
Truck driver searches were up 1% WoW, Down 7% MoM, and Up 45% YoY. And for clicks on truck driver postings we saw an increase of 2% WoW, while the numbers dropped 11% MoM and 50% YoY.
This Week in Freight
Load volume in the system remained at an all-time high and set yet another weekly record with a 2% increase WoW. Load postings for dry van rose 1% WoW while refrigerated increased by 13% WoW. Flatbed on the other hand dropped slightly by .3% coming off of last week’s record high.
Truck postings were down nearly 3% while spot rates rose by nearly 2¢ per mile. The largest change WoW was for dry van, which was up 6¢.
And Now for Our Story of the Week
Trucking contract rates were up by an average 12% YoY for most of 2020’s Q4. This is mainly a result of shippers moving down their carrier lists, where agreed-upon rates are less favorable, looking for coverage. In the current market, carriers have the upper hand in negotiations with shippers and thus far it seems safe to assume that a large portion of the recent implied rate increase will stick.
And that’s it for this week’s report. Don’t forget you can get a full audio version as well as the numbers at a glance, a pdf download, and a full video transcript over at the blog. We’ll see you back here next Wednesday morning for another report. Until then have a great week everyone.