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Driver Recruiting Weekly Report – June 30, 2021

The Weekly Report covers all the latest driver recruiting data to give you a better understanding of the current market and a firmer grasp on where it may be heading. In addition to the recruiting numbers, we feature a story of the week. This week’s story – driver drug and alcohol violations are on the rise.

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Numbers At A Glance – June 30, 2021


Truck Driver Searches

WoW: Δ Up 5%
MoM: Δ Up 9%
YoY: ∇ Down 8%

Load Volume

WoW: ≡ Flat

 Volume by Segment

WoW: Dry Van Δ Up 10%
WoW: Refrigerated Δ Up 11%
WoW: Flatbed ∇ Down 6%

Spot Rates

WoW: Δ Up 1.5¢ per mile



Clicks On Truck Driver Postings

WoW: ∇ Down 2%
MoM: Δ Up 23%
YoY: Δ Up 15%

 Truck Postings

WoW:∇ Down 1%

 Truck Posting by Segment

WoW: Dry Van ≡ Flat
WoW: Refrigerated ∇ Down 1%
WoW: Flatbed ∇ Down 3%

 Rates by Segment

WoW: Dry Van Δ Up 7.5¢ per mile  
WoW: Refrigerated Δ Up 16¢ per mile
WoW: Flatbed ∇ Down 1¢ per mile



June 30, 2021 Driver Recruiting Insights

Would you like to have your own copy of the trucking industry data? All of the information covered in this week’s report for June 30, 2021, is available for your convenience in PDF form below.

Click the image to download the June 30, 2021, Driver Recruiting Insights PDF.

Driver Recruiting Insights - June 30, 2021

Weekly Report – June 30, 2021 Transcript

Welcome to the show that takes a look back to help you move forward. It’s the Weekly Report. For Randall-Reilly I’m Joshua Miller. Let’s jump right in.


Truck driver searches were up 5% WoW, 9% Mom, and 8% YoY. On the click side of things there was a dip of 2% WoW, but gains of 23% MoM, and 15% YoY.
Searches for last week increased while click activity dipped slightly. Owner-operator was the only segment that had an increase in total clicks WoW with a gain of 5%, while company, team, and inexperienced/trainee driver segments all dropped by 2-3%.


Overall load postings for the week held steady. Dry van and refrigerated were both up – 10% and 11% respectively, but flatbed was down by 6% WoW.
We also saw truck availability dip just a tad, by 1%, as the ratio of loads to trucks edged slightly higher. Availability for dry van remained flat while refrigerated declined by 1% and flatbed dropped by 3% WoW.
Spot rates were up by 1 ½¢ overall. Dry van rates were up by 7 ½¢ while refrigerated increased by 16¢, and flatbed declined by 1¢ WoW.


It’s now been a year and a half since the FMCSA’S Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse went into effect, and so far over 2.1 million users are registered in the Clearinghouse.
Through 2020 there were just under 56,000 violations. Through April of this year there were already 20,000. That means 2021 violations are on pace to top those of last year, and if the current rate of violations continues, we’ll be looking at 60,000 drivers with violations by year’s end.
So, what’s this mean exactly? Well, for one thing it seems to suggest that the institution of the Clearinghouse did NOT result in a one-time mass exodus of drivers, as some thought (or maybe were hoping) would be the case. Instead, it looks like the Clearinghouse will continue to remove a pretty significant number of CDL holders from the driver pool each year.
The FMCSA data shows marijuana is overwhelmingly the most used illegal substance by CDL holders. Little legal note here, while marijuana is legal in some states for recreational use, and approved for medical use in other states, on the federal level marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug.
Now buckle up, I’m going to start throwing out some numbers here you may want to know. As of May 1st, of this year there have been 69,565 drivers with at least one violation. But here’s the kicker. Of those nearly 70,000 drivers only 12,055 or 17% of them have actually completed the required return-to-duty (or RTD) process to remove that prohibited status.
63% of the drivers in violation, that’s 43,614 drivers, haven’t even started the RTD process. Another 9,171 (13%) are eligible for RTD testing but have yet to complete the process.
So, in summary, drug and alcohol violations are on the rise. Many of the drivers with violations in the prohibited state have yet to even begin the RTD process and perhaps most concerning … there’s a sizable portion (that 13%) of drivers who are eligible for the RTD testing, which if completed would remove that prohibited status, who simply haven’t completed the process. Which could indicate that many CDL holders are leaving driving for other professions even after beginning to work through the RTD process.
And that it’s it for this week’s report. Don’t forget to check out blog page and YouTube channel where you can find all of our previous reports in addition to other great recruiting content. Come on back and see us next Wednesday morning for another Weekly Report covering the latest data and a new story of the week. Until then, have a great week everybody.