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Four New Year’s Resolutions for Driver Recruiters

Though the ball has dropped (much to the chagrin of Mariah Carey and all those folks who got roped into doing the Whole30 Diet), and many of us have already probably faltered in our 2017 goals, there’s still time to make resolutions for the new year.
If you’re in the business of recruiting truck drivers, you’ve got plenty to consider. There’s still a driver shortage. Which means your department’s job isn’t likely to be less challenging any time soon.  
But, as some have pointed out, perhaps the driver shortage has just as much to do with a shortage of imagination?
With that can-do attitude in mind, today we have four resolutions that can infuse some imagination into your efforts and elevate your recruiting game in 2017!  
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Resolution #1: Embrace Content Marketing

As we’ve discussed here recently, content marketing won’t be the centerpiece of your recruiting efforts, but it can definitely play a useful role in recruiting and retention. As the article linked above states: “Your fleet should be a lifestyle brand for drivers. Entertainment, life hacks, advice, financial management, health, and reviews are all great avenues to pursue. Show drivers you care by providing them with content that makes their life easier.”
So, does your company have a plan to improve your social media in the new year? How about your email marketing? Who is going to spearhead your content efforts?
Make a resolution to embrace content marketing as a crucial component of recruiting in 2017. Compelling content can be a secret weapon that gives you an edge over your competitors.

Or at the very least incredibly useful for recruiting and retaining drivers

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Resolution #2: Be Intentional about Outreach

Women account for about 6 percent of American truckers. Do you have a plan to recruit more women drivers in 2017? How about ex-military? Do you have any initiatives geared toward bringing veterans on board? Any other apprenticeship plans in place to reach a certain community?
If you’re not proactive and intentional about making some kind of outreach plan, you could be missing out on a pool of awesome drivers.

She Drives Trucks
Do you have any initiatives geared toward hiring more women in 2017

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Resolution #3 Focus on Cost-per-Hire

We work with a lot of fleets and help recruit a lot of drivers! One pitfall we see people frequently fall into is focusing on the lowest cost-per-lead and going all in on that metric.
We’ve learned through experience and no small amount of number crunching that it’s much smarter to focus on cost-per-hire by lead type. Of course it all hinges on what sorts of leads convert best for you. You should always invest your dollars there first.
Speaking of dollars, let’s talk about a resolution for that big, bad budget of yours.
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Resolution #4 Master Your Budget Domain

You’ve probably already decided how much your fleet needs to spend on recruiting truck drivers in 2017.
But have you considered:

  • How does your advertising cost per hire relate to your budget?
  • What’s your annual turnover rate?
  • How many drivers will you actually need?

Furthermore, have you looked at…

  1. What would you like the size of your fleet to be at the end of this year?
  2. What’s the current size of your fleet?
  3. What was your turnover rate in 2016?
  4. How many drivers did you hire in 2016?
  5. How much did you spend on recruiting in 2016?
  6. Do you have access to a driver recruiting database?
  7. Do you plan to set anything aside for advertising on job boards or job aggregator sites?  

Wrangling with these questions can lay the foundation for budget mastery, which you can really nail down with our driver recruiting calculator.
If you have any questions about recruiting more drivers in the new year or beyond, get in touch with us today!