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Get the Drivers You Need with Goal-Oriented Recruiting Campaigns

How does your recruiting measure up? Your aim is to reach the right drivers with your messaging, and hopefully persuade them to drive for you, not the competition.
That’s why setting real, tangible goals for your campaigns is so vital. Having a clear goal to strive for can help guide your efforts.

Goal-oriented campaigns allow you to adjust and tailor your campaign to drive the outcomes that result in hiring more qualified drivers.

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What is the goal of your recruiting efforts?

This is a deeply personal question. How many recruiters do you have on staff? Can they handle a barrage of inbound calls? Do they have the time to weed through multi-carrier apps? Are they any good at making outbound calls? The answers to these questions give you the goals to which you should align your campaigns.
Take inventory of your recruiting department; figure out what works best for you, and march forward with new-found clarity.

Align to the goals that make you successful.

Aligning to GoalsWhatever channels you utilize it’s important that each aspect of your campaign aligns to the goal that you are striving to achieve. Monitoring your progress and optimizing each channel of your campaign to reach those goals will help will align you to your ultimate goal of hiring drivers.
No matter what recruiting channel yields the best results for you, the goal-oriented approach can help refine and improve your results.

How do you align to specific goals?

Specific channels are more efficient at driving certain outcomes. If you want phone calls, Paid Search with a strong mobile bias would be good. If you want your recruiters making outbound phone calls, perhaps a mix of job boards and Facebook Lead Ads would be ideal. The point is to hold each channel accountable by how it aligns to your goals and produces the desired outcome.
The only way to truly align to your goals is to track everything. Measure each channel’s production and adjust accordingly. You may be surprised by what you find.
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Apply performance marketing to reach your goals.

Using Performance Marketing
Instead of paying with no guarantees or paying for meaningless impressions, the performance marketing model allows fleets to set their preferred outcome and only pay for the results they get. However, it is best to judge by cost per hire, but that is a topic for another time.
Utilizing performance marketing allows you to test multiple channels and not just focus on increasing numbers solely through a specific channel.

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical, using inbound calls as an example.

Inbound Recruiting CallsYou are currently running Paid Search, Facebook, Adwords Display, and have your job listed on Craigslist. More than likely Paid Search will drive the most inbound phone calls. Craigslist might come in second, Facebook third, and Adwords Display last. Naturally you would shift budget towards the top performing channel and away from the lowest performing channel.
It seems self-evident, but you’d be surprised at how often our clients become loyal to channels. The focus becomes making each channel perform well, rather than focusing on reaching their goals. This channel loyalty is disastrous for fleets wanting to hire drivers. Hold channels accountable to your goals
You can apply the same approach across your campaign no matter what your goals are. Whether it’s inbound calls, form completions, or just getting traffic to your website. Decide what you want to achieve and align your campaign to reach that end. Track your campaigns and channel mix to see what is providing you with the best possibility to reach the goals you have set.
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Moving forward with your recruiting.

If you’re not sure where to begin with this process and need some help to get going let us know. Randall-Reilly can help put you on the path to success with your goal-oriented recruiting through performance marketing.
Have a clear goal in mind and adjust the campaign and spend to reach that goal. Reaching your goals within the campaign will result in you getting the drivers you need.