Getting Recruiting and Marketing In the Same Boat, On the Same Page

In terms of day to day function, recruiting and marketing might seem, at best, like distant cousins. You have your recruiters over here doing their thing, working the phones, poring over apps and trying to get drivers in the door. Meanwhile in the other silo office quadrant, your marketers are busy building brands and blasting out bodacious content … which all too often goes woefully unappreciated by this cold, harsh world that increasingly disregards the magical, restorative properties of the written word.
Sorry where were we. Ah yes, recruiting and marketing. They always seem to be running in different directions, don’t they? Two distinct kingdoms with different goals, objectives, and duties. East is east, west is west, and never the twain shall meet.    
Nay, I say, nay! Recruiters and marketers must be on the same page of music. They need to row together to propel the larger organizational skiff, instead of sailing individual department vessels windward, leeward, or possibly aground.
Here are a few reasons why this is important, and a couple thoughts on how to bring the two worlds together.

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Secret Sauce

Aside from the common sense business implications of making sure everyone on staff is on the same page, aligning your marketing and recruiting can improve your bottom line. How? For one, recruiters can equip marketers with valuable insight into the hurdles they face, as well as common questions/concerns they hear from drivers every day. This sort of insight makes for better, more relevant marketing, which is the secret sauce for generating more leads and driving overall growth. Not to mention creating a more cohesive, informed, team-minded staff.
On the flipside, marketers can produce scintillating content and promote attention-grabbing campaigns that make recruiting easier. Content has the power to make your company more attractive. It’s an incredibly effective recruiting tool. But content and campaigns are only useful if your team knows they exist.
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How Do You Bring Everyone Together?

There is a mutually beneficial relationship to be had here, if both sides are willing to listen and proactively involve the other party. Of course this is easier said than done. Everyone’s busy, and there are always barriers between different departments. What’s preventing you from being the person in your company who removes those?
If you’re in recruiting, make sure your marketing team is privy to info like your average cost-per-hire, cost-per-lead, turnover numbers, hire rate, efforts to reach niche drivers, and other recruiting-specific figures. Let them listen in on calls every now and again so they can truly understand your role and the challenges you face.
If you’re in marketing, make sure your recruiters are up to speed on what your team is launching, promoting, and tracking. Actively seek insight and ideas from recruiting.
Set a monthly meeting. CC people on emails. Ask questions. Send out reports to give other departments a heads up on how you’re doing, and where you need support. That’s how you increase company-wide consistency, clarity, and cohesiveness.
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Row the Same Boat

However you make it happen, recruiters and marketers should work more closely together. They have the potential to reduce friction for each other, and make each other’s jobs easier. You’re rowing the same boat after all.
Knock down those silos and involve each other. Learn from and root for each other. Both groups — and your company — will be better for it.