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Job Match Leads: Your Fleet’s Secret Weapon?

In ages past, truck drivers looking for a new job had to go from fleet to fleet with an application in hand. Or use the telephone . . . I mean, whichever. Either way it was a little more intensive than it is now.
Drivers don’t have to call up or visit fleets to find jobs now. They have all the world’s information right at their fingertips, and they do what everyone else does when they’re looking for a job.

They either go to Google or they visit a job board, or some mixture of both.

Randall-Reilly has a wide range of recruiting sites. Some of these allow a driver to apply directly to a fleet, but not everyone wants to apply for a single fleet. On some of these sites, a driver can submit an application for a position that meets their needs. This application, not specific to a fleet but to a driver’s specific criteria, is a job match lead.

How can job match leads become my fleet’s secret weapon?

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Job match leads are convenient.

Drivers provide us with detailed information about themselves and their careers, expecting us to connect them with fleets who are looking to hire them. Their expectations, their needs, allow us to give you leads that meet your fleet’s hiring criteria. All you have to do is send these applications to your recruiters for follow-up.

You can specify the location of your terminals, company driver or owner-operator, and your fleet’s different hauls.

It’s also worth mentioning that these are truck drivers actively looking for a new driving job. These drivers are actively looking for new jobs. You aren’t spamming them. They have already decided they want a new job, taken action, and submitted an application. They’re just waiting on you to call.
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Job match leads raise recruiter effectiveness.

There are days when your recruiters simply don’t have enough to do. It might be a day of the week where you have a lower call and lead volume. If they aren’t actively talking to and qualifying drivers, they aren’t fully effective.

Down time can be a recruiter’s worst enemy.

Job match leads help remedy this situation. You can purchase these leads in bulk, meaning that you’re guaranteed a specific amount every month. Instead of sitting around on their hands waiting for a call or a lead to come in, your recruiters already have a stack of leads sitting on their desk.
You recruiters have actionable leads they can immediately call and qualify as soon as things start to slow down.
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Job match leads introduce you to drivers.

Not every driver knows who you are. You don’t have name recognition, and they don’t have reason to work for you. In other words, they probably aren’t going to apply for your jobs.

Recruiters need an introduction just like marketers.

Job match leads are a great way to extend your reach beyond the set of drivers who know who you are and will apply for you jobs. You’re getting a valuable, one-on-one introduction to drivers who aren’t always aware of your fleet. You’re also likely to reach a lot of drivers who aren’t ready to apply to just one carrier.

Even though they may not know you, these drivers want to hear from everyone who is hiring in their area.

It doesn’t matter how you use job match leads. You can use them to get a few last minute applications or to supplement your brand awareness goals. Either way, job match leads are versatile enough to meet our carrier’s needs.