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Listening in with Seth | The Perfect Call – Part 1

Seth is back to listen in on some more recruiting calls … but with a twist. Based on feedback from all of you, over the next several episodes Seth is going to share with you exactly what it takes to build the perfect driver recruiting phone call. He’s broken the typical recruiting phone call down into four segments:

1. Impactful Introduction

Greeting the driver, making them feel comfortable, and getting them to fully engage moving forward in the conversation.

2. Discovery

Building a rapport as you share relevant information about the fleet and/or job, and learn about the driver and what made them interested in your fleet.

3. Alignment

Using information gathered in the discovery process, steer the conversation forward to align with the driver’s wants and needs in mind.

4. Call to Action

Establish the next best steps for the driver to take moving forward with your fleet.

Building the Perfect Call

Part 1: The Impactful Introduction

We begin our series with the impactful introduction. Seth listens to the introduction portion of several different recruiting phone calls to go over what they did right, what they did wrong, and gives some tips as to how he thinks the recruiters could have done better.

Next Time on Listening In

Moving forward with our “Building the Perfect Call” series, on the next installment of Listening In, Seth will move on and take a look at several recruiting calls on the discovery portion of the conversation.
By examining each individual segment of calls and trying to highlight how to improve our goal is to help you and your recruiters become as effective and successful as possible when interacting with potential drivers. We hope you enjoyed this episode and look forward to you joining us for our next installment. Stay tuned!

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