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Listening in with Seth | The Perfect Call – Part 3

Your recruiters need to have meaningful conversations with prospects to get the qualified drivers you need. While no recruiting call is the same, pretty much every call can be broken down into a few key elements: the introduction, the discovery, alignment, and a call to action.
Over the past few episodes, Seth has covered the impactful introduction and the discovery portions of the call. Today he tackles alignment.

Miss the First Two Parts of Our Series?

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Building the Perfect Call


This is the part of the call that recruiters should be able to use the information they’ve learned about the driver in the discovery phase to lay out a plan and steer the conversation forward while aligning with the driver’s wants and needs.

Next Time on Listening In

On the next episode of Listening In, Seth will cover the final part of a “perfect” recruiting call – the call to action. After establishing a rapport, learning about the drivers’ wants and needs, and aligning how the conversation moves forward to address those concerns, the call to action is what it all comes down to. Your recruiters must be able to get drivers to take that next vital step in your recruiting process. How? Tune in to find out!