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Listening in with Seth | The Perfect Call – Part 5

In the conclusion of our five-part “Building the Perfect Call” series, we listen to calls and get tips from Seth on how to build the perfect recruiting call. Remember, unlike our normal episodes, the call featured today is not a real call.

Using what we’ve learned and heard from other real calls, we have put together today’s call as an example of how you and your team can have the “perfect” driver recruiting call.

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No problem! If you’ve missed an episode, or just want a refresher before watching our latest episode, we’ve got the whole “Perfect Call” series all in one place for your convenience!

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The Final Episode of Our “Perfect Call” Series

Putting the Pieces Together

For today’s episode, we created a call using everything we learned throughout the series to put together the “perfect call.”

From the impactful introduction, to the discovery phase, aligning to the driver’s needs, straight through to inspiring action – it’s all here!

The Perfect Call Cheat Sheet

We’ve put together this cheat sheet to help you and your recruiters get the most out of every single recruiting call. Download your copy and help your recruiters build their own perfect call today!

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