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Maximize Your Driver Lead Value

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How do you approach your recruiting? Are you investing in trying to find and hire the absolute best drivers for your fleet, or are you simply trying to reach as many drivers as you can and go from there? It seems like a lot of fleets out there are taking the second approach. Which I guess isn’t the worst approach in the world . . . if you love wasting money!!!

Wasting Your Money
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The best way to get the drivers you need is to make sure you’re not wasting time and money pursuing the wrong drivers. Beyond that, your focus shouldn’t simply be generating as many leads as possible.

In the end this article may not change your opinion on quality vs. quantity, but hopefully I can at least begin to get you to think about more than just generating leads. After all in the end it comes down to hires not leads. So let’s talk about how to get the most value out of your leads to help you achieve those hires.
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Qualifying Questions

The first step to getting the most value out of your leads is making sure the leads your recruiters have to work are solid. Using qualifying questions in your applications or forms is a quick and easy way to help thin the herd and make sure you only end up pursuing the drivers you can use.
Every fleet has specific things they are looking for in their drivers. Anything you can do to try to narrow down your search as early in the process as possible allows you to waste less time, energy, and money on leads that don’t meet your criteria.

Common Qualifiers

  • Minimum Experience:

    If a driver doesn’t meet your minimum experience requirements they can be eliminated.

  • Driving Record:

    Drivers with too many accidents, tickets, or violations can be eliminated.

  • Area of Operation:

    Drivers located outside your area of operation or those unwilling to work the routes you have available can be eliminated.

  • Home Time:

    Drivers seeking more time off the road than is afforded by your fleet can be eliminated.

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Prioritize Leads

Eliminating drivers and limiting your recruiting efforts to only those who meet your standards is a start, but there’s more that can be done. The next step is to prioritizing your leads. The idea is to figure out what’s most important to you. For instance, if driving experience pulls the most weight with your fleet, the best way to move forward is to prioritize the driver leads with the most experience. The same idea could be applied to virtually any other metric you find valuable in a driver.
The goal here is to get the most out of your leads. By going after the drivers who possess the traits you find most valuable first you set yourself up for success. Implementing lead scoring can help you assign value to prospects and help your recruiting team know exactly which drivers your fleet finds the most attractive.
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Contact Prospective Drivers Quickly

Cold leads can kill your recruiting mojo. The fact is the longer it takes recruiters to contact a quality lead, the less chance there is that the lead will become a driver for your. In fact, we’ve found that nearly 40% of leads are never contacted at all, even after multiple attempts. The reason? Your chances of reaching a prospect, even a highly interested one, decline sharply after only 5 minutes.
Remember, you’re not the only game in town. Every other fleet out there is looking for drivers too. If it takes you weeks to contact a driver after a form submission your competition could beat you to the punch. You need to do all you can to shorten the time it takes you reach the prospects you’re after.
Improve your contact rate. That’s exactly what LeadConnect is designed to do. Through a four step process, LeadConnect helps prospect, contact, and transfer live leads to your team.

How LeadConnect Works

Whether you are able to achieve that through in-house tweaks to your recruiting process or looking to the outside for help by using a system like LeadConnect, the goal remains the same. Find the most valuable prospects and reach them quickly.