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Recruiting Owner-Operators: Don’t Neglect Search

Considering this is part 2 of a 3 part series, I’m hoping you’ve seen the other post in this series. You can also get up to speed by checking out the Overdrive Connectivity Report here.

Today, let’s talk about how owner-operators are using search.

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Fact: 40.8% of all owner-operators most often use search to find a website or topic.

The second most popular way to find information was through bookmarked or saved pages (28.9). This means that the best opportunity to advertise to the right owner-operator at the right time is through either paid search or SEO.

So what does this mean for your recruiting?

First, it means you have to invest in search engine marketing. Yes, it can be competitive and expensive. But what’s more expensive is to let your freight sit without any owner-operators to haul it. The point is, if you want to reach drivers, you have to get in front of them where they are.
Second, it also means that you need a comprehensive content marketing plan. This is vital for every fleet that needs to recruit drivers. Spending money in creating engaging, interesting content that drivers want to consume will boost your organic traffic. Pretty soon you will be getting more and more applications without paying for each click.