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Recruiting Owner-Operators: What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

If your fleet needs to hire owner-operators, you have to build the right recruiting campaigns to accomplish this win. The only way you can build the right recruiting campaign is by knowing exactly how your audience is consuming media.
As the third and final part of our series on recruiting owner-operators (the other posts you can find here and here), we’re committed to helping you know your audience. You can also peruse a lot of great information about these drivers in our 23 Stats to Help You Recruit Owner-Operators slideshow.

Today, let’s focus on social media.

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Fact: 46.6% of owner-operators use Facebook.


What does this mean for your recruiting?

Simple! Obviously, it means there is a big opportunity for you to reach your audience on Facebook. With almost half of owner-operators using the social network, you have an opportunity for you to generate the applications you need. And this percentage is only bound to increase as increasingly younger generations enter the workforce.
Facebook also presents a way to create very targeted ads to reach this large group of owner-operators. Just like most digital advertising platforms, there are a number of ways to single out the specific audience you need to display your ads to.
Here are a few of the most powerful targeting options you can use on Facebook:

    • Interests

    • Look-alike Audiences

    • Remarketing

    • Email Addresses

    • Demographics

Sure, social media is important, but by no means something you should invest all of your time and resources into. You need to build multi-channel campaigns that leverage your entire Recruiting Lifecycle. Instead, you need to find a way to leverage how to use social media to connect and engage with drivers.
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