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Recruiting Roundup | Is Bad Marketing KILLING Your Recruiting?

It’s time for another installment of the Recruiting Roundup! New episodes debut here on our Randall Reilly site and on our YouTube channel every month!

This Month’s Topic: Failing to Employ Fundamental Marketing Principles Could KILL Your Recruiting Efforts

Driver recruiting and marketing have an awful lot in common. It really comes down to targeting the right people with the right messaging. That’s why today we’re going to cover some of the core principles of marketing and briefly talk about how and why you should implement them (if you’re not already)!

Use the Principles of Marketing in Your Driver Recruiting Efforts

If you learn and apply these principles to your recruiting … you WILL see results!

“Is Bad Marketing KILLING Your Recruiting?”

Take a Deep Dive into the Four Principle of Marketing

For a more in-depth discussion about the four principles of marketing and how to use them in regards to recruiting, check out the latest episode of Digging Deeper!