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The Currency of Fleet Reputation

How Much is a Bad Fleet Reputation Costing You?

Listen to the article: In the minds of many fleets, drivers have become a commodity. The mindset becomes “What is the cheapest driver I can get in my fleet?” And coupled with that mindset is the idea that turnover isn’t actually a bad thing. As long as you can keep a driver for X amount […]

Debunking the December Truck Driver Recruiting Myth

Is December Really a Bad Time to Recruit Truck Drivers?

Most in the truck driver recruiting business seem to operate under the assumption that as the year winds down, so does recruiting. For years we have heard about the December recruiting drought. So, we decided to take a look at the data and see if there was anything to it. And what we found may […]

Recruiting Truck Drivers on Mobile Devices

How to Recruit Truck Drivers on Mobile Devices

In today’s world to stay competitive your truck driver recruiting needs to be mobile-friendly. The era when mobile-friendliness was simply an option to consider adding to your truck driver recruiting is over. So what steps do you need to take to make sure your recruiting efforts are optimized to reach drivers on mobile devices? That’s […]

Why Aren’t Your Truck Driver Recruiting Landing Pages Generating More Leads?

Find Out Why Your Driver Recruiting Landing Pages are Failing

Many fleets, perhaps yours included, aren’t getting the conversions they expect out of their recruiting landing pages. So, what’s the problem? They’re getting the traffic. Drivers are making it to the landing page, but for some reason they just aren’t taking the next step. What’s the problem? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about […]

8 Truck Driver Recruiting Tactics for Small Fleets

How to recruit drivers for smaller fleets

Listen to the article: As a small fleet, it is difficult not to get lumped in with bigger fleets when it comes to content on how to improve, best practices, how to manage leads, and so on. You may not need to know how to empower your recruiting team or efficiently manage a large volume […]

3 Ways to Build a More Efficient Truck Driver Recruiting Budget

Building a Better Driver Recruiting Budget

We often talk about ways to improve your recruiting campaigns or how to get the most out of your campaign spend. One thing that tends to get less attention is the overall spend itself. Your recruiting budget.Over the years, we’ve come to find that if your driver recruiting budget is falling short and you aren’t […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Fleet’s Driver Recruiting

Improve Your Recruiting

When it comes to truck driver recruiting, all trucking fleets have essentially the same goal: find, target, and hire the right truck drivers for their fleet. That’s where things get tricky. What can you do to make sure you’re not only targeting and reaching the quality drivers your fleet needs, but hiring them as well? […]

What’s the Right Number of Driver Recruiters for Your Fleet?

Finding the Right Number of Recruiters

What is the right number of driver recruiters? Is there such a thing? Fleets struggle everyday with this question. It may seem a little daunting, but making sure you have the proper number of recruiters for your operation to reach your goals is essential to your success. [box] Download the Recruiting Budget Calculator [/box]

Driver Recruiting Budget Calculator

Driver Recruiting Budget Calculator

Are you having trouble coming up with an effective and accurate driver recruiting budget? We have you covered! In the first edition of the Randall-Reilly Tool Kit, Seth Becker, walks you through our driver recruiting budget calculator. This free tool was designed with trucking fleets exactly yours in mind. Watch the brief video and download […]

What Truck Drivers Want

What do drivers really want?

Fleets and recruiters across the country are constantly searching for new ways to attract and keep qualified drivers. One of the best ways to find out how to attract a new crop of drivers is to see what the current ones are saying about the state of things. After all, who would know better than […]