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How to Benchmark Your Online Truck Driver Recruiting Advertising

Benchmark Your Driver Recruiting Advertising

Listen to the article: When it comes to advertising online, it can be difficult to tell if your efforts are really working. You get this report from your vendor that shows all these results and metrics, but it can be hard to determine which of these results truly indicate success. It leaves you wondering if […]

How to Effectively Target Truck Drivers

How to Effectively Target Drivers

Keeping your trucks on the road with the drivers you need is a difficult task. The driver pool of quality drivers is limited and every time a competing fleet hires a driver that limited pool becomes even smaller. How can you keep from falling behind? Today’s video will cover a few ways to help you […]

How Efficient is Your Driver Recruiting Process?

The Efficiency of Your Recruiting Lifecycle

Are you efficient at managing your leads? You might say “yes” or “no” or you might not be sure. But the real proof of whether you are or not is in the number of hires you are able to produce. Even if you have the tightest, most buttoned-up recruiting process, changes and advancements in the […]

5 Characteristics of Successful Truck Driver Recruiting

Characteristics of Recruiting (Article)

As the competition continues to ramp up for quality drivers, fleets and their recruiting partners will need to be efficient and effective to successfully land the drivers they need. But what does that mean? What does an effective and efficient recruiting strategy look like and what does it entail?

Defining the Right Driver

Defining the Right Driver

Listen to the article: Efficient recruiting starts with finding the right drivers for your fleet. That seems like an obvious statement. But if it really is, why do some fleets fall short in that area? Why do they end up with bad leads or have qualified leads slip through their fingers? The issue is that […]

Why Aren’t Your Driver Leads Converting?

Why Aren't Your Driver Leads Closing__

Listen to the article: There are a myriad of possible reasons a lead may not work out for you, but from all of our dealings with fleets over the years we’ve come up with a couple major reasons or roadblocks as to why your driver leads aren’t converting. [hr style=”3″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”] Roadblocks […]

What Really Affects Your Cost-Per-Hire?

What Really Affects Your Cost-Per-Hire?

Listen to the article: When you are trying to increase the efficiency of your recruiting strategy, it makes sense to get as much out of your recruiting budget as possible. So one of every fleet’s main goals is to hire as many drivers as possible at minimal cost. This makes the metric of cost-per-hire highly […]

Evaluate Your Recruiting with More Than Cost

crunching numbers

Listen to the article: If I were to ask you, how is your advertising doing, what would your first instinct be? For a lot of fleets out there the first knee-jerk reaction is to take a look at cost. Far too often fleets fall into the trap of, “Well our CPL and CPH is pretty […]

Understanding Your Lead Velocity

Understand Your Driver Recruiting Lead Velocity

How efficient is your lead-to-hire process? With so many fleets vying for the opportunity to hire the same drivers you are after, it’s important to always be on the lookout for ways to improve your process and get ahead of your competitors. One way, that is not as common as it should be, is to […]

Do You Know Why Your Campaign is REALLY Failing?

Why is Your Campaign Failing?

Everyone knows campaign tracking is important. But when it comes down to it, most fleets are only using tracking to try and save money instead of figuring out why their campaigns are failing. If your campaign is floundering, do you know why? Do you try to find out or do you just pull the plug […]