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Get a Leg Up on the Diesel Mechanic Competition | Digging Deeper

The Competition for Diesel techs

With well over a quarter million job posts and tens of thousands of positions to be filled, there is no shortage of competition for competent and qualified diesel mechanics. What should be listed on your ads? Should you gear your messaging around technicians or mechanics? What about sign-on bonuses or relocation pay?

How Much Does Driver Pay Matter? | Digging Deeper

How much does pay really matter?

We all know that when asked drivers always rank pay at the top. But is it really the one and only thing to focus on? Could fleets find success by removing friction and improving the driver experience … even if their pay is not highest around?

What to Focus on When You DON’T Need Drivers | Digging Deeper

Fleet's Full. Now What?

Many fleets find themselves in a bit of a pickle. They don’t actually need drivers at the moment. After years of go, go, go! – It’s hard to know exactly what to do in a time like this. What can your fleet focus on to continue to grow and bring value if not on drivers? In the Season 3 premiere of Digging Deeper, Dave and his guests, Seth Becker and Kyle Jernigan, sit down to discuss the topic.

90% of Fleets Fail to Do This ONE Thing | Digging Deeper

90% of Fleets Fail to Do This One Thing

There’s one thing that most fleets are totally neglecting. That one thing could be the missing ingredient to your recruiting success. What is that one thing? Watch today’s episode with guests Zack Flippo and Kyle Jernigan to find out!

TikTok, Boomers, Zoomers, and You | Digging Deeper

TikTok, Boomers, Zoomers, and You

A pair of Randall Reilly Digital Marketing Strategists, Kyle Jernigan and Zack Flippo, join Dave to talk about all things TikTok. Should you be on it? Is it really effective? How should you use if for driver recruiting? Our intrepid trio cover all that and more on the latest edition of Digging Deeper!

Employment Trends & Overcoming Hiring Barriers | Digging Deeper

Employment Trends & Overcoming Hiring Barriers

Senior VP of Randall Reilly’s Talent Partners, Emily Gordon, and Director of Talent Partners, Steve Squier, join Dave to talk about all the latest employment trends. They also dive into what Randall Reilly’s new Talent division can do to help fleets meet their driver recruiting needs.