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What Can LeadConnect Do for You?

Using LeadConnect with Your Driver Recruiting

Listen to the article: I recently wrote an article called Reducing the Friction in Your Recruiting. Throughout the article I discussed various ways you might try to streamline your recruiting process and run more efficiently. Within the article I mentioned a few of the methods Randall-Reilly has developed to help people just like you meet […]

The Power of Mobile-First Recruiting

Using Mobile Devices to Recruit Truck Drivers

Smartphones are everywhere these days. Don’t believe me? Look around you. How many people are using their smartphones right now? How many have smartphones on their desks or in their pockets or purses? You may even be reading this article on a smartphone. 77% of Americans own smartphones and that is too big of a […]

Why Video is Great for Recruiting Drivers

Use Video for Recruiting

When it comes to driver recruiting, you do a lot to convince drivers you’re the right pick. You empathize with their pain and offer solutions. You cater to their interests. You demonstrate how what you offer is the right match for their needs and preferences. Despite all your efforts, you still fall short when it […]

Do You Know Why Your Campaign is REALLY Failing?

Why is Your Campaign Failing?

Everyone knows campaign tracking is important. But when it comes down to it, most fleets are only using tracking to try and save money instead of figuring out why their campaigns are failing. If your campaign is floundering, do you know why? Do you try to find out or do you just pull the plug […]

A Comprehensive Look at Retargeting for Recruiting

Recruiting with Retargeting

The average conversion rate for websites is slightly over 2%. So only about 2% of website visitors convert when they visit websites. Through the results of our recruiting lead generation efforts, we’ve found the percentage is a little higher for drivers. 10-15% of drivers convert. Though that percentage is better than the general conversion rate, […]

How Smart Rhino Labs Strengthens Randall-Reilly


Recently, Randall-Reilly announced the acquisition of Smart Rhino Labs. Growth is generally viewed as a good thing, and with an established data source such as Randall-Reilly bringing Smart Rhino Labs into the fold it can only mean good things for current and future clients right? [hr style=”3″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”] Who is Smart Rhino […]

Get the Drivers You Need with Goal-Oriented Recruiting Campaigns

Goal-Oriented Recruiting

How does your recruiting measure up? Your aim is to reach the right drivers with your messaging, and hopefully persuade them to drive for you, not the competition. That’s why setting real, tangible goals for your campaigns is so vital. Having a clear goal to strive for can help guide your efforts. Goal-oriented campaigns allow […]

6 Tips for Connecting with Drivers on Mobile

Connecting with Drivers on Mobile

In the not-too-distant past, there would have been a need to devote this first paragraph to proving the prevalence of mobile phones. But these days, you can see for yourself. Smartphones have gone from being a luxury to a necessity for the general public. 77% of Americans are smartphone owners. And that percentage includes drivers. […]

Why Isn’t Your Recruiting Landing Page Generating More Conversions?

Why Aren't Your Recruiting Landing Pages Working?

Landing pages have come to serve a vital role in the digital age of driver recruiting. The whole purpose of landing pages is to help drive leads and conversions. In a perfect world, a prospective driver finds their way to your landing page (whether through search ads, social media, etc.) and once there, they’re presented […]

Is Your Social Media Advertising Reaching Drivers?

Reaching Drivers with Social Media

The list of social media platforms is constantly growing. The popularity and usage of each platform on that list is constantly growing. The number of drivers who fit your hiring criteria who happen to be using each platform on that list is constantly . . .you get the idea. This constant growth creates endless opportunities […]