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90% of Fleets Fail to Do This ONE Thing | Digging Deeper

90% of Fleets Fail to Do This One Thing

There’s one thing that most fleets are totally neglecting. That one thing could be the missing ingredient to your recruiting success. What is that one thing? Watch today’s episode with guests Zack Flippo and Kyle Jernigan to find out!

Recruiting Roundup | Is Bad Marketing KILLING Your Recruiting?

Is Bad Marketing KILLING Your Recruiting?

Driver recruiting and marketing have an awful lot in common. It really comes down to targeting the right people with the right messaging. That’s why today we’re going to cover some of the core principles of marketing and talk briefly about how and why you should implement them (if you’re not already)!

The Four Principles of Marketing | Digging Deeper

The Four Principles of Marketing

Dave welcomes his all-time favorite guest for a very special edition of Digging Deeper. He and his mystery guest (watch to find out who it is) will cover the core principles of marketing, and go over how they can be applied to driver recruiting.

Who is Randall Reilly?

Randall Reilly Updated Logo

Founded in 1934 by Pettus Randall, Randall Reilly has grown from a small publisher into a thriving company at the cutting edge of data and analytics-driven technology.

Mistakes Your Driver Recruiters Need to Avoid (Part 2)

More Mistakes Driver Recruiters Should Avoid

Today we continue our Randall-Reilly Review video series covering some common mistakes your driver recruiters need to avoid. Being well-informed and knowing what NOT to do can help your recruiters better utilize their time and make the most of their recruiting conversations. Miss part one? No problem! You can check it out at any time […]

What Can LeadConnect Do for You?

Using LeadConnect with Your Driver Recruiting

Listen to the article: I recently wrote an article called Reducing the Friction in Your Recruiting. Throughout the article I discussed various ways you might try to streamline your recruiting process and run more efficiently. Within the article I mentioned a few of the methods Randall-Reilly has developed to help people just like you meet […]

Tackling the Complexities of Paid Search Advertising

Complexities of Paid Driver Recruiting Search

These days, the power of paid search advertising (also known as pay-per-click) is no secret. According to a Forrester Research company known as Jupiter Research, 81% of users find their desired destination through a search engine. So there’s no doubt about the wide usage of search engines. What may not be widely known is the […]