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The Top 4 Digital Trends for Recruiting Truck Drivers

Recruiting truck drivers can be daunting and that’s understandable.Recruiting truck drivers is not exactly the easiest thing to do these days. But there’s hope. Light at the end of the tunnel, if you will. Looking at the big trends that affect driver recruiting can give you insight into some of the best ways to reach drivers.
Looking at the trends is only step one though. Knowing how to use them to your advantage, now that’s how you find success. So let’s take a look at the 4 major trends that affect driver recruiting and how you can use them to improve your strategy.
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[one_fourth]Mobile-Marketing[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

1. Mobile

Seeing how common smartphones are in this day and age is as simple as taking a look around you. As for mobile use among drivers, our research shows that 81% of traffic generated by our driver recruiting campaigns is mobile. This tells us that when drivers are looking for jobs, they’re searching on their mobile phones.
So this poses a very important question. Are you mobile-friendly?
What does your website look like when a driver pulls it up on their phone? Is it easy to navigate through? Is your application easy to find? Are you incorporating call buttons for drivers who are ready to act? Mobile-friendliness is no longer a wise addition, but a necessity.
It’s now safe to assume the majority of drivers who see your campaign see it on their phones. So build your campaigns with that in mind. Keep mobile as your primary focus.[/three_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Social Media Marketing[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

2. Social

The prevalence of social media is forever growing. Active users for Facebook and YouTube, the top social media platforms, are in the billions, and those billions include drivers. Our research shows that 80% of drivers use some form of social media and the majority are on Facebook and YouTube.
When it comes to driver recruiting, we’ve seen that our overall source of driver leads is from the combination of Facebook and Instagram.
With the level of driver engagement on social media, it provides a great opportunity to present yourself to drivers through sponsored ads, your content, etc.
[one_fourth]Video Marketing[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

3. Video

As big as video is right now with consumers with half of US consumers looking for a video on a product/service prior to visiting a store, it would surprise you to know how untapped the usage of video is in the world of recruiting. It currently has a large driver audience with few competitors. This gives you a great competitive advantage.
With the ability to combine audiences and target very specifically, video also gives you the opportunity to reach a niche audience.
And now, with the option to pair Facebook video with lead ads and with the creation of YouTube video cards, there is increased opportunity for lead generation in video.
[one_fourth]Hot Topics Icon[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

4. Hot Topics

A great way to grab a driver’s attention is to touch on topics that are most relevant to them. So find out, what topics are trending for drivers? For company drivers, that would be the likes of regulations, products for the road, truck parking, etc. For owner-operators, ELD Mandate coverage, HOS rules coverage, cost analysis, etc.
So how can you apply those topics to your recruiting?
For one, realize that a lot of these topics reveal driver pain points. So find ways to meet the practical concerns exhibited by content around truck parking, gear, life on the road, pay, etc.
It isn’t difficult to see which trends are the most important to drivers. Learning how to make those trends work in your favor is what will make all the difference in your driver recruiting.
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To learn more about the biggest driver trends and how to incorporate them into your recruiting strategy, click below to view the Digital Trends for Driver Recruiting Flip Book.


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[two_fifth]Digital Trends for Recruiting Truck Drivers[/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]

Access the flip book to see the trends and find out how to stay ahead of them.


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Digital Trends for Recruiting Truck Drivers

Access the flip book to see the trends and find out how to stay ahead of them.

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Digital Trends for Recruiting Truck Drivers

Access the flip book to see the trends and find out how to stay ahead of them.

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Digital Trends for Recruiting Truck Drivers

Access the flip book to see the trends and find out how to stay ahead of them.