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What Does a Randall-Reilly Recruiting Campaign Look Like?

You’re in a bind. You have empty trucks just sitting there, and money’s flying out the door. You need drivers. You need your phones ringing off the hook. You need a plan.
Sound familiar?
We feel you! We hear some variation of this conundrum every day from clients across the country who are desperate to get drivers behind the wheel. It’s no easy task.   
The good news is that we can help. Though you might be wondering how to get started, what exactly the process entails, or what a Randall-Reilly recruiting campaign might consist of. We’re here today to walk you through the process, which is quite painless, really. Some might even say delightful (our reps and results will surely brighten your day).
Let’s run through what a standard recruiting campaign can look like.
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1. Discussing Your Specific, Unique Needs

The first order of business with any recruiting campaign is to determine your objectives, and how we can execute and implement those within the context of the Conversion Lifecycle. The Conversion Lifecycle, which enables you to 1. Target 2. Connect 3. Engage and 4. Convert your target audience in a sustainable manner, is the roadmap we use to help all our clients.
Whether your desired end results are inbound phone calls, short forms, long forms, or multi-carrier apps, we’ll work with you to nail down specific, measurable Goals-Targets-Wins. As you well know, there’s a big difference between hiring regional company drivers and, say, trying to land HHG owner-operators in a specific area, so we’ll work together closely to craft a plan to achieve the results you want.
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2. Proposal

After we discuss what it is you hope to accomplish, we’ll create a personalized proposal for you.
Proposals will vary — as will the mix of marketing channels we select according to your particular objectives — but they all explain how we plan to help you recruit the drivers you need.  Be it through targeted display, Facebook ads, Gmail-sponsored promotions, job aggregators, search engine marketing, or email campaigns, we’ll provide an explanation of each channel and how we plan to leverage it for your benefit.
We’ll also include budget and campaign timeframe information so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.   
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3. Campaign Implementation

Once we come to an agreement regarding your proposal, then, of course, our work to attract your new drivers will commence.  
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4. Trend Reports, Monitoring, and Fine-Tuning

As your campaign gets rolling, we’ll watch results like a hawk. If a channel is underperforming, we’ll shift tactics accordingly. Our performance-based results will prevent any needless spending.
Either way, we’ll keep you in the loop.
Here are some examples of what your trend reports may look like for. (ABC Trucking is a nom-de-truck we made made up.)

You get the idea. We’ll break it down the results for you, keep you informed, and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.
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Ready to Recruit?

We know it all comes down to ROI. And that’s what we intend to maximize for all our clients.
So what do you say? Are you ready to ramp up your recruiting? Let’s get started.