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What Does the DATA Say About November and December Driver Recruiting? | The Recruiting Roundup

It’s time for another installment of the Recruiting Roundup! New episodes debut here on our Randall Reilly site and on our YouTube channel every month!

This Month’s Topic: Driver Recruiting CPL and CPH in November and December

November and December seem to have a bad reputation when it comes to driver recruiting. The question is, are the final two months of the year really a bad time for driver recruiting?

That’s exactly what the latest Recruiting Roundup takes a look at. We looked at the last four years’ data on CPL and CPH during November and December then compared that to the rest of the year. Is more expensive? Less expensive? Watch the Roundup and find out!

You can really make headway and generate leads and hires at a lower cost than most of the rest of the year.

Take a Closer Look at What We Found

November and December Recruiting Data
*Numbers and dollar figures featured are for illustrative purposes only.

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