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What is Your Favorite Driver Recruiting Lead?

If you are a driver recruiter, and I assume you are, then you are awesome. Because of your efforts to keep your trucks on the road, your company has survived probably the worst driver crisis in the history of the industry. That is impressive, and you should be commended for you results. Congratulations!
However, you can’t rest on your laurels. While things aren’t as bad as they were, you still have to be trying to improve your situation. You are losing tremendous amounts of money for every truck that is not delivering freight. If you aren’t using marketing, or haven’t been paying attention to it, then you are missing out on a real opportunity to improve your recruiting.

Let’s take a minute to look at how you can market effectively to drivers and get your preferred lead.

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Use Your Preferred Lead to Determine Your Device Targeting.

What type of lead do you prefer – short forms, full applications, or phone calls?
According to what your preferred lead is you have to decide what device you want your content seen on. If you are wanting to generate phone calls as your preferred leads then you will want to enable mobile viewing and target mobile devices. For short form submissions it is important to have mobile viewing enabled but you can target across the device spectrum. For long form submissions, because of the information being requested, you need to target desktops and laptops.

Each type of lead has different targeting options, so defining your preferred lead is important.

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Generating Phone Calls

Print advertising is an effective way to generate phone calls. Print is still a very strong medium in the trucking industry, and drivers are looking at these magazines. They are searching for jobs, learning about industry news, and finding new equipment through these publications. You can even use tracking numbers to help you understand how many leads are coming through these advertisements. Print generates results.
Another way to generate phone calls is through online advertising campaigns. Click-to-call ads are a great way to allow mobile viewers to take action immediately in response to your marketing campaigns. These ads allow your audience to call you simply by clicking.

To generate phone call leads you have to be prepared to master mobile marketing techniques.

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Generating Form Submissions

There are multiple ways you should be generating form submissions.
First, you should always be posting your jobs on recruiting websites which are related to the trucking industry. The traffic to these sites can be identified as drivers. Once they have been identified you can continue to get your banners in front of them through display networks. That way your jobs remain top-of-mind for prospective drivers.

Now you have to understand the differences between short forms and long form applications.

Short Form Applications
Short forms are a better lead if you have a recruiting staff large enough to follow up with the higher volume of drivers responding to your ads. For these leads your advertisements should have responsive formatting for all devices, mobile, tablet, and laptop. Since you aren’t asking for lots of information, mobile viewers can easily fill out short forms. Once your form has been submitted, it is up to your recruiting staff to get in touch with the driver. Short forms are higher volume but less targeted leads.[/box][/one_half]
Long Form Applications
Long form applications are better leads if you have a smaller recruiting staff, one that doesn’t have the time to follow up with a high volume of drivers. For these submissions optimizing your content for mobile viewers isn’t as important. It is much more important that laptops and desktops are targeted. With the amount of information that is submitted most mobile viewers won’t take the immense amount of time to fill out a full application. Unlike short forms, long form applications are lower volume but highly targeted, quality leads.[/box][/one_half_last]

There are numerous ways that you can build a strong marketing operation and put your trucks back on the road.

While conditions have improved, they are far from ideal. You have done a great job in keeping your trucks on the road. But for every day that your trucks are sidelined you are losing tremendous amounts of money. By building your marketing operation around your recruiting needs you are propelling yourself forward, and when it comes to driver recruiting you always have to be moving forward.
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