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What’s New for Fleet Executives at The Great American Trucking Show

Trucking is an industry that is constantly changing. There is always some new federal regulation, technology, or even global event that is influencing the industry. You, as a member of the trucking industry, have to be ready to roll with the punches and change with your industry.

As the industry changes, so too do the needs of the people who serve the industry.

Fleet executives aren’t immune to the changes of the industry either. Drivers are leaving the industry, leading to a full-fledged driver shortage, making recruiting an important focus for carriers needing to expand their freight volume. And there is a persistent need to lower costs to better adjust to the demands of an industry in crisis.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The Great American Trucking Show is changing as well. In the past, we have provided you with an array of events and services, all part of the larger tradeshow, that are valuable to the different segments of the industry. This year, we listened to you and went back to the drawing board.
There are a number of new events and activities that we have added to GATS, but for fleet executives we had one main focus: providing real business value for your fleet.

We did this with two events that occur directly before and during the show.

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CV Outlook

In the past, you knew CV Outlook as the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference (or CVOC for short). But we have changed the focus of CV Outlook to reflect the changes to both The Great American Trucking Show and to the trucking industry as a whole.
This year CV Outlook will focus on providing critical information that fleet executives need on all segments of the commercial fleet business by looking at the technology that is changing the future of the trucking industry. You will hear from your peers tackling the industry’s toughest problems and from futurists, professors, and technologists who are creating and predicting the technologies that are changing the world.

Speakers include:

  • Professor David Levinson, author and professor at University of Minnesota
  • Stephen Hampson, president and general manager of Meritor WABCO
  • Derek Rotz, manager of advanced engineering for Daimler Trucks North America
  • Bill Kahn, principal engineer at Peterbilt Motors
  • Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics, author, and futurist

CV Outlook has been moved to the Trinity Ballroom in the Omni, which is connected by a walkway to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas where GATS is held.
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Market Movers

If you’re attending CV Outlook, you now have more reason than ever to stay for The Great American Trucking Show proper. If you attend CV Outlook, or request an invitation, you can gain access to CCJ’s Market Movers event.
Market Movers represents some of the best thought leaders and business owners in the trucking industry, all gathered on the GATS floor. Beginning Thursday afternoon, August 27, Donald Broughton and two publicly traded fleet CEOs will host a discussion about the 3 highest costs for carriers.

They also provide you with an opportunity to get into the discussion with a question and answer format.

The trucking industry is changing rapidly. One of the biggest challenges you are facing is staying on top of the constant news, technology, and regulations that are impacting your fleet. But you can stay on top of everything and find new solutions alongside your peers at GATS.