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What’s Your Recruiting Win?

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Over the years Randall-Reilly has worked with countless fleets in the never-ending struggle to find drivers. Unfortunately, one common thing that most fleets tend to focus on when it comes to recruiting is cost. I know it’s hard to focus on anything other than cost, but you have to try. After all in the end it comes down to the quality of your drivers and the leads produced, not the quantity. For a deeper dive on that you can check out our previous article, Driver Recruiting: Quantity vs. Quality of Leads.
You may be asking yourself, what else is there to focus on besides cost? Well that all depends. What are you good at? The idea is to figure out which kinds of response types are converting into hires for you. Then with that information in hand compare that with costs to find the most effective means for your recruiting.
Let’s use applications to illustrate what I mean. Generally speaking multi-carrier apps are cheaper and less specific than long form apps. Long form apps cost more, but because of the specificity they may actually give you a higher conversion rate. The key is to take both factors, cost and effectiveness into consideration. And that’s the tricky part. I can’t tell you what the best way forward is for you. It may well be that the most efficient response type ends up being the cheapest for you. Or it could be you may need to take the hit and spend a little more if that means you will ultimately bring in the drivers you need. It’s a balancing act, and for each fleet it’s different.
Look across your entire recruiting approach and analyze the leads generated and the channels or response types that are generating those leads. It could be inbound calls, or it could multi-carrier apps or fleet specific short or long forms. Whatever response type converts most efficiently considering both conversions and cost is probably the best path forward for you. The best way to start improving your recruiting is by figuring out exactly what that path is for you. What method is it that produces the best results? In other words, what’s your recruiting win.
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What Does Performance Marketing Have to Do with Driver Recruiting?

What Does Performance Marketing Have to Do with Your Driver Recruiting_
Performance marketing is an increasingly popular approach that marketers are using to find success online. What makes performance marketing different is that you only pay for the results you are after. You decide what it is you are trying to accomplish (such as generate inbound phone calls), set a total campaign budget, and away you go.
This approach also offers the flexibility to alter your campaign or approach over time if you’re not seeing the results you need. Altering the mix of the channels or tactics you take can lead to better results. Targeted Display, Facebook, and Search Advertising are just some of the tools available to you with performance marketing.
Performance Marketing has proven to be effective in advertising and it can be just as effective for you with your approach to driver recruiting. But it all starts with figuring out what you are trying to accomplish with your campaign.
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Play to Your Recruiting Strengths

Play to Your Recruiting StrengthsWith so many options and different directions to go it can be easy to become overwhelmed and to not know where to start. If this ever happens to you and you’re not really sure of what to do, just remember to ask yourself, “What’s my win?”
That may just sound like goofy rhetoric to you, but it really is important. Of course your ultimate aim is to generate leads that you eventually convert to drivers, but looking deeper than that, what is the best way for you to accomplish that goal? Your performance marketing campaign will be built around your answer to that simple question.
Start by taking a look at what you’ve done in the past. Who are your best drivers? How were they hired? What approach generates the most quality hires for your fleet? Remember it’s not just about cost. Cost is of course a factor, but it should not be as important as value.
For instance, let’s say your recruiting team has been particularly successful in converting inbound calls. Although that response type isn’t the lowest CPL or CPH, over time you have seen it provides a higher number of long-term quality drivers, thereby providing more value. You may want to focus around driving more traffic to your recruiting team in the form of inbound calls. In this case your win is increasing the inbound phone calls.
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Moving Forward with Performance Marketing

As I briefly touched on before there are numerous channels and strategies you can potentially incorporate into your recruiting campaign. And that’s the beautiful thing about this approach. Not only is there a variety of avenues you can take, but over time if one channel is performing better than the rest you can tweak the campaign to try and take advantage of that.
There are those out there that like to be a part of every change that happens and find themselves monitoring the progress non-stop; but if that’s not for you we have an experienced team here at Randall-Reilly that will work with you to figure out exactly what your win is and make sure you accomplish all of your recruiting goals.